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Specialist Product Knowledge

Here on the Isle of Wight you can find a local company with a friendly and dedicated team of product specialists – Betapak!

We have a friendly, professional and dedicated team, each specialising in certain areas of our business to help you get the right information and the most suitable products for your needs.

We can come to see you or you’re welcome to pop in and see for yourself what we can offer. We aim to get you exactly what you want, and if we don’t stock it we’ll try to source it. We want our customers to know that they are working with a company who knows them and can meet their needs rather than a company that just sells any product for the sake of it.

Don’t waste time searching the internet or making calls to companies that just say NO, arrange an appointment today and see how YOUR business can save time and money by working with Betapak.

Case Studies

We visited a customer and carried out COSHH training to all their staff who had a responsibility for cleaning. From this we identified that they were using the wrong types of products – for example using specialised product instead of a general purpose product and therefore being wasteful. We streamlined by identifying long-term solutions for cleaning products, minimising spend, creating more storage space and made cleaning SIMPLE!

A new start-up approached us looking to set up a café. We supported them from start to finish supplying every product they needed – everything except the fresh food! This enabled them to focus on building the business and making themselves ready to look after their customers. Betapak helped make decisions on the right products using our in-depth knowledge of this sector.

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Specialist Product Knowledge

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