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Product Sourcing

At Betapak if you ask for a product which we do not normally stock, our sales team will endeavour to source it for you as quickly as possible.

Have you been trying to find an item for yourself but without success? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to find it for you. Our buyers deal with many hundreds of suppliers across the UK and internationally, so we’re bound to be able to help. At Betapak we leave no stone unturned in our product sourcing – if it’s available we will find it!

If a product does not exist, we shall look at HOW can we make it.

Special products sometimes attract a slightly higher price than shelf stock, but you can be rest assured that we should always have an answer. So save yourself time and money – contact Betapak today and ask us to hunt down that elusive product for you!

If you want us to stock it, then we will.

Case Studies

A regular customer advised us they were using another supplier to get an item Betapak didn’t stock. We sourced the product and matched the price paid. The benefit to the customer was clear – time saved in dealing with a single supplier, taking a single delivery and processing a single invoice.

A busy café recognised that instead of wasting hours looking for tables and chairs to match what they had, they asked us to take on the challenge, leaving them to focus on their customers and their service. We ensured that we compared three other businesses for supply and that we could match the cheapest but offer the highest level of service.

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Product Sourcing

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