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Furniture Installation

Betapak offers an easy and efficient furniture installation and fitting service – perfect for offices, shops, public areas, restaurants, hotels … the list goes on! You buy it and we build it! What could be simpler?

Furniture can be delivered to you, assembled and fitted with all packaging removed, providing a stress-free result by our experienced and dedicated team.

Whether you are re-vamping your office, starting anew or simply adding or updating, we can help. The Betapak team can plan and advise on the type, style and size of furniture you need to make full use of every nook and cranny, optimising your environment’s full potential.

We are able to undertake single supply items for a 1 person office or fit out a building of 1000+ staff. Our team are able to work around you and your business with the install to ensure minimum disruption.

We work with you to maximise the space you have and ensure the furniture does the job you need it to, ensuring you can always update it and evolve (as businesses tend to do). CAD drawings are available to support this.

Case Studies

We created a Bespoke made-to-order home office, filling up to the nearest millimetre of space for a photographer to move his business to the next level. We ensured there was maximum desk space for viewing prints, storage for books and also lockable drawers for confidential and valuable items.

After visiting a potential customer we were given a brief on what was needed to achieve their office refurbishment as part of expanding their business. We came in under budget, producing CAD drawing plans for approval, worked exactly to their brief, adding our own suggestions and even completed the job outside normal business hours for minimal disruption.

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