Catering Disposables

Eco, Bio & Recyclable

How you package your food these days can have a big impact on how much you sell. In today’s world where we are all aiming for less packaging, you need to know that you have the right product for your consumables.

Finding exactly what you want and then maintaining an adequate line of supply can be frustrating, but Betapak is here to help. Let us enable you to serve your food with style using our huge selection of products in different materials, sizes and shapes. Choosing the right product can mean less waste but more impact for your food sales!

Many eco-friendly, biodegradable & recyclable options for catering disposables are available!

Cups & Drinks Containers

A full range of cups and drinks containers, with different styles of lids and temperature ratings. Accessories including drinks holders, drinking straws, stirrers and even single serving sachets.

Pots, Containers and Disposables

Everything you’re ever likely to need for your food preparation or takeaway business and all from a single supplier.

Bags, Wrappings & Ancillaries

A wide range of wrappings and carry bags plus all those little extra niceties.

Miscellaneous Commonly Requested Items

Catering Disposables

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