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Tea & Coffee Supplies

Betapak - Tea & Coffee Supplies

Since taking over Island Tea & Coffee in April 2009, we have been providing the Island with a range of tea and coffee blends including our very own Island Blends especially developed for our hard water.

Whether you are looking for bulk teabags for your café or finely blended coffee for your restaurant, look no further than Betapak. We can provide you with tea, coffee, sugar, syrups and biscuits.

Anytime can be time for tea with our service!

Coffee Products

  • 10 successful Filter Coffee blends from the smooth and rich roasted notes of the Blue Mountain blend to the acidic, earthy flavours of the Viennese Blend
  • Coffee Granules including the popular Island Tea & Coffee Colombian Blend 500g tin
  • A variety of coffee beans available in 1kg bags
  • Dispense coffee bags for machines available by the case or bag
  • Brands including Segafredo, Douwe Egberts, Rombouts & Nairobi

Locally Roasted

  • beans are roasted locally in Rookley
  • ultra-fresh coffee for Island customers
  • unusual single-source beans e.g. "Monsoon Malibar", "Congo Kivu"
  • now available to the general public via Morrisons outlets in Newport and Lake
Island Tea & CoffeeIsland Tea & CoffeeIsland Tea & Coffee

Tea Products

  • Our own brand Carisbrooke Blend teabags suited to the Island's hard water, available in 1-cup, 2-cup, enveloped and 2 & 4 pint bags
  • Twinings Teas in string and tagged, enveloped and ordinary tea bags
  • Herbal teas and Speciality teas including Decaffeinated, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Camomile and Fruit flavours

Sugars & Syrups

  • White and Brown Sugars in Sachets, Sticks, 5Kg Granulated, Vending and Rough Cubed
  • Splenda brand sweeteners in sachets, sticks and 5Kg bags
  • A wide range of Monin syrups
  • Mini marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, fudge shrapnels and other flavoured sprinkle shakers

Biscuits and Single-Serve / Portion Control

  • Individually-wrapped caramelised Lotus biscuits
  • Walkers twin-pack shortbread
  • Milk and Cream jiggers
  • Condiment sachets including salt, pepper, mayonnaise, ketchup and vinegar
  • Bonne Maman jams in 30g glass jars
  • In-cup drinks and singles products (Kenco coffees, Cappuccino, Maxwell House, PG Tips tea, Knorr soups, Suchards hot chocolate, Bovril)

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Food Hygiene Rating

Betapak 5 star food hygiene rating certificate

Our foodstuff storage facilities are regularly inspected by Isle of Wight Council's Environmental Health team.

We are pleased to confirm that on the last visit we scored a maximum possible 5 out of 5, so you can rest assured that we take the greatest care of your food and drink supplies!