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Betapak can help your business to package items to ensure that they are shipped safely in the mail or by courier. We’ll help you find the right boxes no matter your needs. Many eco-friendly, biodegradable & recyclable options for catering disposables are available! Browse items below and make a quick enquiry to speak to our team.

Key packaging products we can supply

Bespoke packaging Isle of Wight, Hampshire and UK.

Bespoke packaging

Boxes and other packaging designed to fit your products; saving space, money & our planet.

Cardboard boxes Isle of Wight, Hampshire and UK

Cardboard boxes

Wide selection of single and double wall cartons, corrugated cardboard rolls available.

Craft bags Isle of Wight, Hampshire and UK

Kraft bags & carriers

Variety of kraft bags and carriers available, environmentally friendly option to replace plastic bags.

Craft paper Isle of Wight, Hampshire and UK

Kraft paper

Kraft paper – different sized rolls. Wrap your products in this protective and eco-friendly way.

Loose fill Isle of Wight, Hampshire and UK

Loose fill

Loose fill – Eco-Flow, Polystyrene and Vermiculite Bags in 15 cubic feet​. Protect your products.

Palet film and tape Isle of Wight, Hampshire and UK

Pallet wrap & tape

Pallet wrap and bundle wrap in clear, blue or black​. Packaging, masking or reinforced tape.

Vegware packaging Isle of Wight, Hampshire and UK

Vegware catering

Plant-based range of 300+ products made from renewable, lower carbon, recycled materials.

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Envelopes & mail

Various sizes of envelopes, mail sacks, postal tubes, specialist envelopes & postage labels.

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